San Pedro Valley ParkPotomac River, Great Falls, Virginia at sunsetChristmas tree farm near the Blue Ridge mountainssnowy scene in Huntley Meadows ParkCarmel-by-the-SeaBriones Regional ParkAno Nuevo State ParkLands End, San Francisco, CaliforniaMuir Beach overlook from Tennessee Valleysunset over Rosslyn, Virginia from the Potomac RiverSeptember wildlflowers at Mason Neck State Parkcanoes in Caw Caw County Park, Charleston, South Carolinanear the Sutro Baths, San Francisco, CaliforniaPimmit Run near sunsetsunset in Tarangire National Park, TanzaniaGozalandia waterfall, Puerto RicoFarm Creek off the Potomac River, VirginiaAmsterdamPotomac Heritage trail in Scotts Run Nature Preservein the Serengetiswamp in Francis Beidler National Forest, South CarolinaSacre Coeur, Paris, France, in infraredrail bridge over the Potomac at sunsetglowing spider web at Occoquan Bay NWRinfrared barnGolden  Gate BridgeBondi Beach, Sydney, Australiasunset at Occoquan Bay NWREiffel Towerlily pads at Cypress Gardens, South CarolinaEdisto Beach, South CarolinaGarin Regional Parksnowy scene in Huntley Meadows Park (2)black water swamp at Cypress Gardens, South CarolinaNice, French RivieraTennessee Valley (2)Prince William ForestBig Basin State ParkLands End, San Francisco, California (2)Great Falls, Virginia (2)Virginia bluebells, Bull Run Regional ParkLittle YosemiteManassas Battlefield at sunsetSutro Baths, San Francisco, California (2)Pigeon Point lighthousesunset over the Rift Valley and Ngorongoro CraterEze, French Rivieranearing sunset at Bull Run Regional ParkMuir WoodsEiffel Tower, infraredLands End, San Francisco, California (3)Teddy Roosevelt memorial, DCFlevopark, Amsterstam, NetherlandsParis at sunsetwildflowers in Occoquan Bay NWRLands End, San Francisco, California (4)Don Castro Regional ParkAbbott's LagoonPescadero BeachGlider Hill, Coyote Hillsrainbow in Briones Regional park